Eggs are good for our body, it is rich in nutrients for our body needs, perfect for a meal, and for diet.  And each egg has different calories, saturated fats, protein and contains vitamins. The size of it depends on how it gives nutrients to us.
   Eggs called “powerful food or super food”, because it makes our body healthy. What are the benefits?
   The protein it has, makes our muscles strong, to perform our body well. And it helps to function our brain, nervous systems, and metabolism.
    Good to know that eggs are good for the diet but how? When you eat eggs it helps you feel full, the source of vitamins and minerals helps our body healthy.
    An egg a day helps our body and it’s not bad. Chicken eggs contain 149-150 calories, the duck eggs which bigger is 185-190 calories, and quail eggs is 14 calories for this eggs, but sometimes it makes too much eating of this like more than 10 pieces. The next time you will eat eggs count it and convert the calories.
    The best way to cook eggs is hard-boiled so it lessens the fats it contains,especially the egg yolks it is super rich in protein which in some people that already had a cardio problem is bad, but the white egg is less. It’s not bad for those who have a problem but must be limit on eating it.
    Remember that we are allowed to eat 300 milligrams of calories a day, one chicken egg is only 215 milligrams so its not bad. The saturated fats or single fats are only single bonds of molecules so we can assure that it will help us.
They have a different way how they harvest eggs likes after the chicken lays eggs, or others made it “balot” or the eggs which already have the embryo of chicken, and “penoy” which fertilize. It depends what you prefer to eat but remember your limit.
   Add egg to your diet. Remember this very affordable eggs that give healthy and complete nutrition to our body.
Ann egg a day makes our body healthy and active. To those who have no cardio problem 3 eggs a day is still good. Start your morning eating eggs.
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