Most of the people enjoy eating a lot. They don’t mind if it is healthy food or not. The liver is one of the big body organs which responsible for releasing toxic inside our body. It helps blood clotting. Once the liver damage it has big effects on the body.

In many cases, a person who has a damaged liver called liver cirrhosis. This kind of disease hard to cure, because it causes weight loss, turning yellow some body parts like eyes and even the skin. And the severe result others might die. It’s important to take care of our liver, and know some sign, that you are infected by liver cirrhosis, and other unhealthy liver condition.
  A blood test is the best way to know the condition of your liver.
 8 Early Symptoms of Damaged Liver
 We must be aware of the condition appear to our body, when we have damage liver. Must be a cure as soon as possible.
1.) Bruises to our body, the liver function is to help blood clot so it easily heals the wounds. And help to passage the blood to other organs.
2.) Easily get tired, even there are so many reasons why our body feels weak. But because of many toxic that liver filtered it affects our energy.
3.) Vomiting and loss of appetite, one of the symptoms of having damage liver. 
4.) Decrease the lower amount of protein.
5.) Pain in the stomach on the upper side. When the liver changes the size inside you can’t notice, the liver gets hardened.
6.) Yellowish color of the skin, that start from the eyes. It’s called jaundice, which the chemicals bilirubin, breakdown the red blood cells. The liver excretes this chemical but when the liver is damaged it can’t release out. Even the urine turn to dark yellow.
7.) Hepatic the changes of mood, which the toxic from the liver goes to brain cells
8.) Palm irritation, spider veins located at the stomach, which when you press it will disappear.
  If you have such symptoms, you must go to a specialist doctor so they can help you to cure and find the best medication for it. Through the help of laboratory equipment like ultrasounds might help to detect if you have damaged liver like fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis, and others.
   Avoid and stop drinking alcohol. The number one killer of our liver. Avoid eating junk food and grilled food. Keep a healthy diet, avoid fatty and oily foods. Proper diet, avoid overweight. Avoid liver cancer by having a healthy diet. Be a liver lover.
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