Breast is one of the sensitive parts of a woman. It consists of soft tissues. Many women die because of breast cancer. It’s formed to the tissue of woman breast. The cells of the breast grow abnormally, the cancer cells to the breast easily spread to lymph nodes and the other parts of the body. Some sign easily to distinguish like the changes of the size of breast that has lumps, dimpling of the skin, a fluid coming from the nipple or appear red scaly patch of the skin. A woman must be aware if they feel uncomfortable to their breast like a pain to that part, avoid hit that part. All of us have the cancer cells but it triggers in different ways, like genetic, lifestyle such as alcohol drinking and too much eating with preservative foods.

   Genetic cells have a big factor why some woman has cancer, those cells weak and can fight to the virus. Through weak genetic cells, the virus easily scattered when it is triggered by abusing the human body, too much work like carrying heavy stuff makes the cells weak and the virus active. In some cases, cancer doesn’t appear at an early stage.
    The food we eat also affects why does the immune system cant fight viruses. Avoid ready to eat products, processed foods that contain chemicals which cause the immune system down.
We know when we at work we don’t notice the food we eat because we don’t have any choice what to eat.
When we are outside along with friends too much alcohol, too many fatty foods like barbecue which is not good for the body.
    Too much work and sleepless time affect also to breast cancer. We should maintain the right time of sleep so we have enough energy to fight viruses.
Breast cancer is really painful, a woman has it cried at the pain. Some woman breast cancer is the cause of there death.
How to Avoid breast cancer?
    A proper healthy diet and eating healthy food like vegetables, fruits help to fight cancer. By doing this, our immune system becomes strong.
Do exercise so when we sweat the toxic release from our body.
Keep hydrated by drinking enough water. Avoid too many sweet foods. Eat rich protein foods.
Keep your weight balance.  
    Prevention is better than cure. As a woman learn how to protect your self. Curing breast cancer is so expensive plus the prescription medication they give.
Or before its too late that the breast will be removed.
Life is precious to be healthy and take care of ourselves.
Once you feel unusual to your breast, consult to your doctor’s for proper treatment.
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