How does kidney function to our body? Kidneys filter the waste from our body from the food we, from the medicine we take. The goals of the kidney to function well our body circulation by urinating the waste from our body release and the blood that goes to our heart is filtered by our kidney.

    Our kidney our the best filtered because by this system part of our body the good nutrients and waste separate. Abusing to our body cause bad effect to our kidney, too much alcohol drinking, too many salts, and sugar, too many fats, water dehydrated damage our kidney. Once you intake too much it cause the kidney not to function well.

Have you ever tried to pee and it is pain? Sometimes it because of lack of water, the sugar and salted stock to our kidney and don’t release. It causes to the high level of creatinine it is the waste products of our body it increases when protein is too much or too much eating meat. When we neglect this kind of problems it will cause severe damage to our kidneys like a kidney stone and others. Treatment on the kidney is so expensive.

      What to do to keep our kidney healthy Is there any food supplement? What food good for kidney? There’s a lot of questions to ask, but the answer depends on the person. Even there’s a lot of books, doctors advice but you don’t want to follow it is useless.

Symptoms of kidney failure

Foods for Unhealthy Kidney
    We don’t notice the food we eat, as long will survive for our hunger we don’t think if it’s good or bad to our kidney. What are the foods that damage our kidneys? Soft drinks the number one killer to our kidney due to the chemicals put into it, junk that contains too much monosodium glutamate make to enhance those chips, magic sugar that makes artificial juices sweet. Too much oily foods like everyday fried. Processed food and too much medicine those factors affect our kidney.

Foods for Healthy Kidney
       Water is the best cleansing for our kidneys, helps to function it well. Drinking eight to twelve glasses of water every day is good or 2500ml water. It hydrated the kidney that’s why the toxic flush easily. Aside from it, we can drink citrus fruits which contain natural vitamins C like lemon, orange,calamansi, and all fruits will help better function to our kidney.

Avoid too much protein and oily foods which clog to our kidneys cause not to function well.
Avoid alcohol.  Eat vegetables which rich into the fiber so the toxic will flush out. Make regular check-up to your doctor’s if you feel those symptoms.

Make an exercise habit too to exert to the toxin through sweating.

         Love your kidney before its too late, dialysis cost thousands, kidney transplant about million prevention is better than cure.


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