We are surrounded by different insects. Those insects have an environmental role that has good effects and bad effect to human. Like for example the small flies called”mosquitoes” is dangerous to us. If they bite us they suck a small amount of blood as their food. They love human blood, those bites cause red itchiness, and sometimes leads to irritation and swelling. Some bites don’t affect our body, but mostly the female mosquitoes bring harmful effects to our bodies. According to studies, they bite deeper with different person and to another. It causes harmful diseases like Malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever those harmful reactions once they bite you. They just not only bites but secrete saliva to our bloodstream.

The reason why mosquitoes bite humans because they are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. They love the scents. And do you know that mosquitoes have favorite blood type? Blood O the favorite blood they want and least at type A. But whether you are O or A you should take care of your self because of harmful poison they bring.

What are the Symptoms of dengue?

The patient has High fever which long last two To seven days, feel dizziness and vomiting, loss of appetite, rashes to skin and bleeding of the nose. And the infected person has weak appearance even no fever.

The patient must get a blood test, but make sure 24hours before the result because dengue poison scattered to the body slowly before it reacts that you have dengue. The infected person, usually after 72hours or 3days of fever the platelets decrease the amount which considers you have that disease. Dengue virus enters through our veins from the time the mosquitoes bite us it release that virus. Our immune system fight that virus but sometimes if the virus is strong our body failed.

Dengue virus makes the patient body drain. That’s why need hospital for giving medication like putting dextrose so the liquid goes to our veins. The best place for dengue patient is at the hospital not recommended at home and drinks some herbal.

Having dengue fever must keep hydrated. So the loss platelets will repair itself.

Make sure the platelets will increase the amount. We need to give some fresh fruits that will help the patient hydrated.
Proper medication is important don’t do it by yourself.

How to Avoid Dengue?

Dengue is from the bites of mosquitoes. Human blood is their favorite meal. Make sure our surroundings clean. Use mosquito net when sleeping. Use insects repellant to home or room once a week so the mosquito won’t enter your house. It’s better if the house has a screen that protects from those insects. Once your fever lasts up to 3 days go to the hospital immediately for giving the right medication.


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