How Dragon Fruits Helps Our Body?

 How amazing to hear the name of these fruits. Let us know how they get the name of these fruits. It’s called also “pitaya” the giant cactus in Africa.
According to research, this fruits is a super fruit also because of riches in nutrients and vitamins. There are two colors of dragon fruit the red and white, both are nutritious fruits. There’s a lot of magical benefits we can get on these fruits. The unique appearance and sweet taste of this you will enjoy it. The low calories of it help us to boost the level of our healthy body.
What are the benefits?
 This fruit is an antioxidant that helps to our body. Rich in essential vitamins that our body needs and good in taste. It has vitamins C that helps to have a strong immune system.
Best fruits for our diet because it contains fiber and carbohydrates.
   Pitaya is rich in vitamins B-complex B1, B2, B3. And with calcium and iron and phosphorus which needs our blood.
   And according to study, it has lycopene which “anti-cancer”, the dangerous disease we can have.
How do those vitamins help our body? It is good for diabetes because of low sugar. The glycemic index helps to control our sugar in our blood, not for all those already have but to prevent diabetes.
   It helps for improper digestion, because of toxic food we eat, our digestive distracts and we feel uncomfortable, eat dragon fruit will help. The fiber it has to help us releasing toxic out to our body.
The fiber it has is soluble fiber, which good to have proper and healthy digestive.
    Lower the bad cholesterol, and help weight loss.
It controls the cholesterol the pigment colors of it, balances the level of it to the body.
    Antioxidants and carcinogen, fight against cancer. It gives a healthy lifestyle.
    Help to have healthy skin, for the anti-aging process, it helps to release the bacteria from our body. Makes your skin hydrated.
     Promotes a healthy heart. The flavonoids help to function our heart well. According, to research it helps the heart to avoid strokes and high blood.
     That’s how magical these fruits. Help to our body. Like a cactus in the desert, it keeps alive. This the same way how it gives nutrients to our body to stay healthy. Don’t forget to add these fruits to your list when you go market, even it has a season. Enjoy eating and stay healthy.
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