How to make sure if the Overseas Work Offer is Legit

Many Filipinos nowadays want to have better job opportunity abroad. The internet is a perfect tool and venue to find jobs that can help a certain individual, to have reliable job for their personal growth and for his or her family as well.

There are varieties of job opportunities online, since many websites are posting job offers here and abroad. Before applying for a job offer, make sure that the website is credible enough, because the need to find job for a living makes jobseekers prone to scams and wrong choice of job and employer. Any offer online must be POEA accredited websites or agency to avoid scams.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency aims to help Filipino jobseekers to find jobs from licensed agencies. POEA accepts applicants applying for jobs abroad and they ensure that there are valid job orders and employers looking for workers.

Visit the official website of POEA and follow the steps listed below.

1. Log in to and familiarize the home page. Scroll down and find and click the verification of Agency’s Job Orders. This page will help you browse for jobs abroad by country, by agency or by position.

2. If you want to browse job opportunities by position, you should type the job that you want in the space allowed and click submit. Use appropriate search term to expand your search.

3. Choose job opportunities at the top page and those that aren’t posted six months and above.

4. Get the names of the agencies or companies for your chosen jobs and check with the Recruitment Agencies option. This will help you know the status of the agencies and the complete information about the company.

While choosing company to apply with, be sure to check the location of the company, contact details, nature of the business, professional experience and employment process, and also its website to make sure if the company is legitimate. It should also POEA accredited in terms of business identity and security.