Reason Why You Are Stress
Stress defined as tension, pressure, worry, and anxiety normal reactions when it’s hard for us to make a solution in some matter in life.
A lot of different reasons why we got stress. This is part of our everyday routine. Every day we experience stress from our work, family, friends, financial, emotional, physical, and mental aspects.
Sometimes we are surrounded by toxic people, bosses, etc. In which it affects us, either for a long time or just a short moment. it is not easy to resolve stress. Even social media brings us stress.
There a lot of factors on how we acquire stress.
Can We Live Stress-Free life?
We can make a way to reduce our stress, everything depends on ourselves if how we handle every situation. Honestly, on this planet, we can’t be free by stress but yet you can reduce it. First, if we trust God through our heartfelt prayer. 
Here are the other tips on how to reduce our stress.
1.) Be Optimistic- we accept positive things and reject negative things. Accept the bad things that happened to our life or the fault we experienced. When you wake in the morning that the first thing you can do, is to be thankful that you are alive. Life is full of choices.
2.) Choose the people you want to be with. This choice brings a big factor in our life. There’s a saying “tell me who you’re friends are and I tell who you are.” Their emotion affects us if we choose happy people, we become happy. If we join to depress people we will be affected by them. 
3.) Focus on your potential, not on your weakness. Let’s focus on the things we have, and not to the things we don’t have. Let’s cultivate our ability, and do not compare to others. Focus on the good things. Improve our way of thinking by focusing our strength, not to our weakness.
Let’s make our weakness as our stepping stone for us to grow and improve our personality. Be positive always and avoid negative things.
Last but not least, ask help through prayer.

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