A civil wedding is a great way for a couple to finished their marriage especially if they don’t have enough budget to get married in church. Others say that if you want to be practical in your marriage, a civil wedding is an answer.

A civil wedding is a simple wedding ceremony. This is the second choice of the couple if they do not have enough budget or to save on cost and to be practical in life. This ceremony is legal because the judge or mayor will marry you on where they have a position in a government. The civil wedding is simple because the attendees are almost relatives and friends. The Parents of a couple and a few grandparents on where they will be your witnesses at the wedding.

In organizing a civil wedding you will need some guidelines.  
Here are the following:
1. The parents of the couple need to meet and talk to thinking and decide the date and place of their children’s wedding.
2. Once the wedding date has been set, the couple will need to decide who they are going to get their grandparents.
3. The couples need to go to their municipality where they get married to file a marriage contract. To obtain a Marriage Contract you must complete the requirements.
  a. Picture of a couple
  b. Cenomar
  c. PSA Birth Certificate
  d. Marriage License Application Form
  e. Cedula or Community Tax Certificate
  f. Barangay Clearance
  g. Certificate of Attendance (in a pre – marriage
    counseling seminar)
  h. Aff. of Parental consent
  i. 2 valid ID’s

4. The couple needs to pay all the necessary fees.
5. Once the marriage license has been filed, the couple can prepare invitation cards for their grandparents and some of their invited visitors. And after to make an invitation card they both require to give these to them.