Do you dream to fly, but it’s impossible? Now your dream will come true, just visit the Ultralight Aircraft in Hualien. Be a co-pilot for a day with this flight around Hualien. Ultralight flying experience is the flying of lightweight 2 seats fixed-wing aircraft. Before boarding meets an expert pilot for your 10-15 minutes grounds instructions, for your safety training. This professional will help you on your proper sightseeing trip by acting as your actual co-pilot guide. You need to wear your Bose headphones and don your pilot uniform on just in time to take off. Since it’s my first time I boarded a flight I asked the pilot what time it was good to fly, he said, both sunrise or sunset hours.

There are a few time slots to choose from 10 minutes experience package for firstimer, 30 minutes allow you to travel out to the ocean side and 45 minutes which allows you to fly towards the mountain range. I choose the 30 minutes package because I want to make the most of my flight. Surprised by the magnificent scenery below, we reached the airport out to the Oceanside near the Ocean Park and back to the airport, while flying over Hualien City outskirts and watermelon farms. I enjoyed my flight and I’m afraid but carried and superfan.

Address: 97443, Taiwan, Hualien County, Shoufeng Township, Section 3, Fengping Road, 600
Tel no: +886-932-521-883

How to get there: Take the Puyuma Train No. 406 at 6:40 am Taipei Main Station. Fare is 514nt one way. We’ll be arriving in Hualien by 9:30 am and return to Taipei by 5 pm
– The Ultralight Aircrafts is 2500nt,

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