Do you want to enjoy, or to explore one place that will entertain you? Try to visit the beautiful Sun Moon Lake located in Taiwan Yuchi Township, Nantou County. Then the island in the middle of the lake separates into a part shaped like a crescent moon and like a round sun, thus the name Sun Moon Lake. The water in Sun Moon Lake is green and clear, reflecting the images of surrounding mountains and landscape. So a nice view so it’s really worth your visit here.

If you like to take a ferry, there are three ferry piers on the lake to serve you. It is Tha Pier, Xuanguang Pier and Shuishe Pier they can explore you to the other tiny island nearby. If you want to bike around you can rent a bicycle from the rental bike store or take a stroll around the small town. You have many options for rides so it is well worth your visit. They even have a cable car that you can rent and ride while you enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Sun Moon Lake. You will be amazed at the beauty of this place.

Address: Yuchi, Nantou County Taiwan
How to get there: The easiest way from Taipei City to Sun Moon Lake is to board a THSR Train to Taichung THSR Station. Travel time about; 50-60 minutes. Transfer to Nantou bus at Taichung HSR Station direct to Sun Moon Lake.

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