The drunk drivers including the passengers will be liable for stiff fine. This is according to the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC).

The Amended law of Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act will cover all motorist, cyclist and passengers.

How much is the fines for drunk drivers?

1st offense: NT$30,000 – NT$120,000  (previously NT$15,000- NT$90,000)

2nd offense: NT$120,000

3rd offense: NT$210,000

If the driver refuse to undergo breathalyzer or blood test fine will be NT$180,000 and up. Currently if anyone refuse the test only fine NT$90,000.

How much fine for passengers?
will range from NT$600 to NT$3,000

Another offenders covered in the amended law are the drunk cyclist. If found positive will be fine between NT$600- NT$1200 and if refuses to undergo testing will also be fine NT$2,400.

Please be guided by this new amended law mga kabayan!

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