Filipino applicants need to secure medical examination stated that you are fit to work abroad it is the most important requirement of all OFW around the world so as you can leave the country and work abroad.

Some applicants easily get positive results while others remain devastated as they receive an “unfit to work” certification.
Rachell Roxas got the most devastating medical examination result “unfit to work”.
Roxas previously worked in Taiwan for seven years. She is the breadwinner of her family and also has two children who solely depends on her.
However, she had to return to the Philippines as her contract already ended last 2014.
A broker who handles her previous employer contacted Roxas and asked her to come back to Taiwan and worked again under the World Wiser Agency, who is also the one processing her requirements.
St. Peter-Paul Medical Clinic situated in Ermita to get the medical examination done. It was also the clinic suggested by her agency.
Roxas was asked to perform a medical examination. But the result was she is unfit to work, stated by the doctor of the clinic who performed the medical examination on her.
According to the medical examination, Roxas acquired tuberculosis making her unfit to work abroad, as confirmed by Dra. Cynthia Romero, her attending physician.

Roxas’ journey to acquire a medical certification didn’t end with that. She had a second opinion at the Lung Center of the Philippines.
Doctors, there has a different opinion. According to their expert physician, the x-ray shows only a small scar in her lungs, something that will never affect her pulmonary system and not even contagious
Doctors at the Lung Center of the Philippines confirmed that Roxas indeed is fit to work, travel or study.

She went to Mr. Ben Tulfo for help and assistance to prove that she is fit to work abroad and the St.Peter-Paul Medical Clinic is so unfair in giving a result of her unfit to work, which also happened to other applicants who conducted medical examination by them.

Roxas also told to Bitag that the Lung Center of the Philippines said that the St.Peter-Paul Medical Clinic already had a problem even before it should have to be close.

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