Currently, the Social Security System (SSS) agency has made an improvement that will help its members. This change is the payment of member contributions, loans and other related SSS payments via “Online payment”.

You can pay your SSS payment via Bancnet, Union Bank, and G Cash. The scheme was developed by the government agency to assist OFW’s, Self-employed and voluntary members to pay their monthly payments to SSS. With Online payment you don’t even have to go to SSS offices or even to Bayad centers, as long as you have a mobile phone, computers, and internet in your home you can process your payment at any time.

SSS payment online is also a great time saver because you do not have to travel, pay the fare and especially experience the length of traffic before you get to the SSS office you are going to. You also save on the fees you pay at the payment centers. So, in short, it is stress and worries free for all SSS members who are paying back their contribution and loans.

Here are some guidelines that will help all SSS members to pay for SSS online.

1. You must first obtain an “online member user ID” by registering on the SSS website at Once you have an online account you can here see your updated information on SSS because you can view the monthly contributions and schedule appointments you have chosen on where SSS office that you want to have to go.

2. Once you have the SSS member user ID you can choose from three options where you can make your payment online. The first is Bancnet; second is Union Bank and third is G Cash.

 * Step by step on how to pay via bancnet:

1. Go to the browser and put to register

2. Visit bancnet website again to login to your account

3. Select on the participating banks

4: Click the “Agree on the terms and conditions”

5: Go to “Payments”

6: Select the preferred government institution which is

7: Put in your 10 digit SSS numbers and the 6 digits
containing the month and year that you will be paid.

8: Type in your ATM card number whether Saving or

9: Enter the amount you need to be paid. The amount you
paid is dependent on the SSS monthly contribution that
you choose.

10: Key in your ATM PIN on the onscreen keypad

11: Then click “Submit”

 * Step by step on how to pay via Union Bank:

1. Type the on the browser
to Register for an online account

2. Login with your account. Choose “UnionBank
Online ”

3. Go to “Bills” then select “SSS”

4. Type in the Personal Information: SSS number, name
and the contribution that you would like to pay.

5. Then click “Pay”

6. Key in your login details again (username and

7. Wait for the electronic receipt. For your future
the reference you need to save a copy of your electronic

 * Step by step on how to pay via G Cash:

1. On your mobile phone dial asterisk 143 number sign
(* 143 #)

2. Choose number 8 for GCash on your mobile phone
the screen then click the reply button

3. Select number 5 or “Pay Bills” for SSS payment

4. “Select Biller By” will appear. Then choose # 2 or
“By Category”

5. Under Biller Category choose # 6 which corresponds
for “More”, then select # 2 for “Government”

6. Under Government choose the number 8 for “More”,
then choose # 1 which corresponds to SSS-PRN

7. Enter your 14-digit SSS PRN then click the reply button

8. Verify your GCash payment details: SSS number,
amount, and the number of months. Then proceed
with your “Payment”

9. Key in your GCash 4 Digit PIN. Then wait for the
confirmation text message about your SSS payment.

Guide on how to get an SSS-PRN number or called Payment Number Online

Right now, the SSS-PRN number is required whenever you pay an SSS contribution. This is required by the SSS agency to facilitate the updating and real posting of payment by SSS paying members.

1. Go to SSS website and log in your account to generate your PRN then click “submit” button

2. Choose the Payment Reference Number (PRN) in the Navigation Tab

Step 3: Generate your SSS PRN Number

a. Select the type of membership between OFW or

b. Select the applicable payment period
(months and year)

c. Choose the contribution amount

d. Submit your request

e. Take note of your Payment Reference Number

You can also inquire of SSS-PRN by mobile phone. Just type: SSS PRN <SSS number> <code> <birthday>. Then send to 2600

Example: SSS PRN 1234667890 2345 01/02/1987
Send 2600

The Code is available when you register for SSS with your name, SSS number, and birthdate and then send it to 2600.

Example: Sophia G. Munzon 1234567890 02/14/1982
Send 2600

When you have a PRN you have to keep it as this is what you will use every time you pay SSS contribution online, at GCash, at accredited banks and payments centers.