Nursing Aides or nursing assistant and caregivers are almost identical in job functions which focus more on health care and assistance. Both are qualified to work as aides in hospitals, clinics, home and assisted care facilities, although most Nursing Aide jobs are not available for some Caregivers.

The difference between Nursing Aide and Caregiver:


Caregivers also known as caretakers are most probably to provide care assistance to elderly and disabled with daily job functions tasks like doing housekeeping, laundry, cooking and even paying bills for the home or in facility. Caregiver helps its client to eat, bat and dress up which most of them are employed as live-in companions provided with room and board to closely look for their client. Some caregivers needs no formal training, licensing or certifications.

*Nursing Aide

Nursing Aide also provide health care assistance and are mostly in hospitals or clinics where mostly (not all) are nursing graduates and formally trained to take vital signs and also prepare some examination rooms. Nursing Aide also prepare and administer medication to clients specially to those who have diabetes, ambulatory health problems and with previous heart attacks or stroke.

Both caregivers and nursing aide work to aid people who needs high level of care and assistance to live comfortably where caregivers mostly takes the below minimum wage rather than the nursing aides.

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