This is to refresh all OFW (even migrants) in Taiwan to follow its law.

It is best to remind OFW regarding the following:

1.  Respect Taiwanese tradition and strictly observe all laws and regulations.
2.  Compliment the health of an elderly person which is always appreciated.
3.  Do not be discouraged by the lack of warmth of the Taiwanese culture.
4.  Remain calm and composed at all times.
5.  The Taiwanese point with an open hand as pointing with a finger is socially unacceptable.

6.  Never touch the hand of their children as this is their belief.
7.  Compose yourself and do not show too many emotions on public places.
8.  Winking at someone is considered unacceptable, even to a friend.
9.  Always be polite to anyone. Modesty is highly valued in Taiwan.
10.  Learn at least few basic Chinese language much better communication.
11. Always bring your Alien residence Card wherever you go.

Always have that good attitude and behavior.
Be refreshed Pinoys.